Us Here
We live on a planet; a very special planet that has a combination of several key factors necessary for life. One of those is a G2 main sequence dwarf star, our sun. This is a type of star ideal for plant growth and therefore life on any planet circling it at a suitable distance. That suitable distance is called the Goldilocks zone, not so far from the sun as to be too cold so all water freezes solid, and not too close where it would be too hot and all water would turn to vapour. Earth’s orbit is just right. Our sun, and our solar system, is between the arms of a spiral galaxy that we call the Milky Way. If it wasn’t between the arms we wouldn’t be able to clearly see other galaxies, nor even recognise that we are a part of a galaxy. In short our astronomical position is so perfect it makes it possible for us to live and to view our universe. And that is what Hawera Astronomical Society is about, life, and looking at our universe.

And Us Here
We live in a Hawera, a very special town with a combination of several key factors that makes life in South Taranaki extraordinarily good for amateur astronomers. Our home is in King Edward Park in an observatory owned by the South Taranaki District Council. Its situation in the park, with trees and shrubs surrounding it reducing light pollution at night, means that we are in a perfect position for a Southern Hemisphere view of our universe.